About Rhetorik

The leading international sales and marketing intelligence solution for enterprise technology.

Quality market intelligence and sales leads.

Rhetorik’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology market intelligence and sales leads, spanning all major industry verticals and technology segments.

Rhetorik is firmly established as the leading data supplier to technology vendors – telecom suppliers, IT hardware, software and services.

In the early days, the Rhetorik in-house research team dug deep to provide intelligence primarily on the UK and Ireland. More recently, Rhetorik’s coverage has been expanding through our partners to include in-depth market intelligence on the rest of Europe. Now, the latest addition: coverage of Asia and Western Pacific.

Meet the people behind Rhetorik

In 2017, an experienced investor group acquired Rhetorik in order to fuel its further growth – both in terms of breadth of its services and its ever-expanding geographic reach.

But one thing has never changed since the early days: the commitment to data breadth, depth and accuracy.