About Rhetorik

Rhetorik delivers global data excellence by providing access to:

  • Global enterprise data to drive your business, 
  • Global data services to repair and enrich your data, and
  • Global data analytics to transform data into business intelligence.

We deliver global B2B data excellence

Rhetorik’s extensive B2B datasets solve the challenges of collecting, validating, standardizing, and activating high quality global people and company data, across multiple channels, in one single source.

Global Data Excellence

We Are Global

B2B data translated, normalized, and standardized to maximize your total addressable market (TAM). Rhetorik Occupation Classification (ROC) is translated and normalized across 46 languages in 164 countries.


We Are Trusted

Highest level adherence to international privacy and compliance like GDPR and CCPA ensuring you that you can trust our B2B data.

Data Hygiene & Enrichment

We Are Accurate

We take data hygiene seriously to offer the best B2B data quality and currency. Rhetorik provides dynamic, near real-time updates of data changes, ensuring your data is always clean and up to date.

Skill-Driven AI and Analytics

We Are Innovative

Our AI models gives you a 360 degree “people-centric” view of your prospective buyers, professionals profiles and accounts.

Neuron360 global companies and profiles data

Global Enterprise Data

Clients trust Rhetorik’s global enterprise data expertise, from sourcing to legislation to language and more, to deliver the high-quality data that is essential to drive their business growth.

Powerful and Scalable Global Data Services

Using AI and machine learning tools to maintain quality and currency, our global data services technology ensures the highest data integrity and enables global identity resolution with best-in-class data management platforms.

Actionable Intelligence graphic.

We Bring Premium Value to Global Data Analytics & Insights

Using AI-driven analytics to deliver premium intelligence. Our global data analytics deliver TAM, propensity-to-purchase and lead scoring models, enabling enterprise marketers and workforce analysts to identify and prioritize markets.

Global Data Excellence

Efficiency, scalability, and continuous optimization of global data sourcing, data hygiene and data compliance operations are what makes Rhetorik unique. It means we can deliver top-tier customer experience and responsiveness, providing the white-glove treatment for budget-conscious customers.

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Our History

Rhetorik is firmly established as the leading data supplier to technology vendors – telecom suppliers, IT hardware, software and services.

In the early days, the Rhetorik in-house research team dug deep to provide intelligence primarily on the UK and Ireland. More recently, Rhetorik’s coverage has been expanding through our partners to include in-depth market intelligence on the rest of Europe. Now, the latest addition: coverage of Asia and Western Pacific.

In 2017, an experienced investor group acquired Rhetorik in order to fuel its further growth – both in terms of breadth of its services and its ever-expanding geographic reach.

But one thing has never changed since the early days: the commitment to data breadth, depth and accuracy.

Trusted by companies that want the best global B2B data

Meet the People Behind Rhetorik

The Rhetorik team are dedicated to data – harnessing it to deliver the best global enterprise data, data services and analytics to empower our ambitious and discerning customers to reach their business objectives.

Our Team - Meredith Amdur
Former CEO, Wanted Technologies (WAN.V). Previously worked at: Microsoft, Deloitte, Informa Group.
Meredith Amdur
Chief Executive Officer
Our Team - Tim Baskerville
Former President, HG Data Company. Earlier: CEO of JupiterResearch, Baskerville Communications. Board member, public and private companies.
Tim Baskerville
Our Team - Kevin Savage
Former VP of Sales & Marketing at Yankee Group with research expertise for the technology sector Previously: Successfully growing new data and analytics markets for CEB/Gartner as well as Communispace, Jupiter Research, Forrester Research
Kevin Savage
Chief Revenue Officer
Ash Walia
Background in tech including 10 years in sales leadership at Rhetorik.
Ash Walia
Sales Director
Denis Poulin
Formerly Data Science Director, Gartner and Corporate Executive Board.
Denis Poulin
Chief Data Scientist
Didia Diasonama
Prior to joining Rhetorik, Didia was lead developer and technical lead at Mirego, and a full stack software engineer at Wanted Technologies.
Didia Diasonama
Chief Technology Officer

From our market research centre outside London, England and our technology development centre in Quebec, Canada, the people of Rhetorik are building the next generation of its global suite of enterprise data, data services and analytics tools.

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy statement

Rhetorik Limited and its subsidiaries (the Company) acknowledge the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure transparency within its organisation and with suppliers of goods and services to the organisation. The Company is satisfied from its own due diligence that there is no evidence of any modern-day slavery of human trafficking within the organisation.

As part of the Company’s due diligence process into slavery and human trafficking, the supplier approval process incorporates a review of the controls undertaken by the supplier.

The Company acknowledges that goods imported from sources outside the UK and EU are potentially at higher risk of association with slavery and human trafficking. The level of management control for these resources is continually monitored.

The Company will never knowingly support or deal with any business involved in slavery or human trafficking.

The Company will undertake responsibility for implementing this policy statement and its objectives.

– Meredith Amdur, CEO


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