Go beyond job titles with Rhetorik AI-driven sales and marketing leads. Find new and more high-propensity leads receptive to your sales pitch and product offering. 

Rhetorik Skills-Based Intent graphic.

Smarter, high-propensity B2B leads
for sales and marketing teams.

Marketing and Lead Generation Teams

Increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign with high- propensity B2B leads. This includes advantages such as higher email open rates, increased accuracy of your digital customer match list campaigns, and detailed analysis of your CRM for your sales teams. 

Sales teams

With LeadNeuron, you will be able to reach the audience that best suits your company. We offer an expansive list of leads as compared to other B2B data providers by targeting the ideal technical skills, experiences and education to understand and see the value in your product. Learn how we can help fill your pipeline and exceed your sales target!

Understand the DNA of your target

LeadNeuron is powered by Rhetorik AI-driven skills targeting solution.

To understand your prospects better, you need to uncover their professional DNA—their unique make-up of skills and expertise.  Skills-based targeting helps you source hidden leads by analyzing peoples experiences, education, skills and much more! 

Our AI model pulls from a database of over 800+ million public profiles! It reveals thousands of previously hidden high-propensity leads—faster, more precisely, and scalable in a minute.

Want to see Smarter high propensity leads in action?

Get more leads with better precision with LeadNeuron

Skill intent model.

LeadNeuron gives you high propensity B2B leads that are receptive to your business!

65+ Data Fields

  • Email
  • Job Title & Function
  • Main Phone Number and DDIs
  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Associated Office or Business Location

How do we find your next best sales and marketing leads?

Rhetorik's AI solution is based on a comprehensive scoring system. A lead that scores >100 is considered a high propensity lead.

Step 1) Skill-based targeting model inputs

We analyze your desired target audience and input the list of accounts and/or job titles into the model. 

Step 2) Data processing

The AI model processes the keywords and job titles, and identifies the high-propensity signals – marking the accounts and leads as positive matches for your company.

Step 3) Outputs

The AI model gives you detailed and precice information of the high-propensity leads it marked in Step 2. Prioritizing those with relevant experience in your tech category and the likelihood for conversion. 

Want to see Smarter high-propensity leads in action?

Rhetorik supply high quality data with enhanced filtering and excellent customer service. This has translated into numerous new clients for our business, always exceeding our return on investment. We would absolutely recommend Rhetorik!
Senior Account Manager - FGD Solutions
“NetFinder combines a wealth of contact and technology usage details with constant updates and amazing support, helping us identify prospects and generate more business opportunities in areas we were previously unaware of or unable to exploit.”
Director Marketing IT Solutions - NEC
“The quality and accuracy of Rhetorik data is fantastic, and the technology intelligence is second to none. The best I have used in all my years in marketing, I’d highly recommend this absolutely invaluable resource.”
Senior Marketing Manager - MTI Technology
“8×8 have used various sources for data, but when we needed to produce quality leads with a vertical market focus, Rhetorik came highly recommended by our partners, and meant we could develop targeted messages far more easily.”
Marketing Manager - 8x8
“Directly through NetFinder we have created a significant sales pipeline in a short amount of time. And even better, we’ve closed over a dozen good sized deals! A truly great data vendor.”
Marketing Campaign Director - Dell Compellent
“Using Rhetorik on an almost daily basis has helped me to target the right accounts, contact the right people and ultimately empowered me to be successful in multiple deals. I estimate the value of those deals to be in 7 figures”
Mid Market Account Manager, Lenovo
“Rhetorik’s deep knowledge and rigorous application of GDPR gave us the confidence to license their data, to rebuild our database and refill our pipeline. Responsive, reliable Rhetorik – I highly recommend them.”
Marketing Manager, Arcserve
“Having worked in marketing for over 15 years, and dealt with numerous data providers, I can genuinely say that the service and quality provided by the team at Rhetorik is of the highest quality.”
Marketing Manager, Softworx Ltd
“I am amazed with the quality of the data supplied by Rhetorik. Not only is the data accurate but the team are always on hand to help. I would highly recommend this database to anyone in the industry”
Sales Manager, SICL
“Rhetorik data coverage is very impressive and the most accurate I have come across at the contact level. They have always been rigorous regarding compliance and enable us to move in the GDPR world with ease.”
Data Strategy Manager, CenturyLink

Want to see Smarter high-propensity leads in action?

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