August 2022 Release Notes

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ProfileFinder v2208 was released on 8/16/2022.

Welcome to our August 2022 release notes! We’re rolling out some exciting updates with this release.


Profiles added in July:                                8.39M
Profiles updated in July:                              117M
Total profiles in dataset:                             689M

What are you Looking For?

Rhetorik’s ProfileFinder represents the largest semi-normalized public-facing professional profile dataset available. There’s no better way to search the world for exactly what you’re looking for. Do you know how many people use ‘brewer’ in their title? Cartoonist?

Brewers             24,743
Cartoonists        4,757

Highlights and New Features:

Rhetorik is now a Snowflake Data Partner delivering ProfileFinder profiles as a live data feed in the Snowflake data marketplace, providing another access option to Rhetorik’s API and Python connector.


Rhetorik’s global professional profiles database has new features, expanded coverage and additional access options.
  • Germany Coverage Enhanced by over 10M unique new records which is critical for comprehensive coverage of Europe
  • Millions of Direct Dial Phone numbers added to profiles
  • 30M additional worldwide IT/Developer Profiles added
  • Country Normalization at the profile level
  • Processed Date field added
  • Current Position Flagging added
  • 50 Keywords Search functionality optimized in response to client requests
  • Social Link Search added to the latest API release. LinkedIn currently available, links for additional social profile sources to be added in the coming months
  • Relevancy Scoring System added including an improved match functionality that reduces the number of profiles returned when doing a match search
  • Increased email Fill Rate introducing over 2.5M new e-mail addresses into the ProfileFinder dataset
  • Email Filter Now Supports ‘with email only’ query parameter that allows returning only profiles with an email
  • Internal Data Build Revamped to better support growth on multi sources and volumes
  • City Level Canonical Location Coverage has been improved
  • 3X Data Publication Process Improvement implemented to deliver near real time updates
  • Internal Analysis Tool Dashboard launched to provide for quicker client support response times


Bug Fixes:

  • Incorrect ‘Employee Size’ values in ‘Experiences’ resolved. This issue affected 111.3M profiles.

Upcoming Features and Improvements:

  • Renewed XING Data Feed expanding ProfileFinder’s coverage of the largest professional profile site for German-speaking regions/industries with an improved matching algorithm
  • 5M+ Direct Dial (mobile and other direct dial phone numbers) Enrichment (North America)
  • Job Title Translation and Normalization
  •           Significant increase in query returns using English language job titles across 42 languages
  •           Normalizes job titles more accurately than a straight translation
  • Seniority Normalization allowing for more accurate searches globally accounting for language/cultural variances in seniority
  • University/Education Normalization allowing for more efficient use of education data
  • Industry Normalization providing a more straightforward view across regions and languages

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