Q1 2023 Release Notes

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Welcome to our Q1 2023 release notes! We’re rolling out some exciting updates with this release.


Around 300M profiles refreshed in Q4 2022:

  • Profiles updated in October: 63M
  • Profiles updated in November: 158M
  • Profiles updated in December: 76M

37M+ profiles added in Q4 2022:

  • Profiles added in October: M
  • Profiles added in November: 23.7M
  • Profiles added in December: 11.6M

Total Profiles in Dataset: 732M (Dec 31, 2022)

What are you Looking For?

Rhetorik’s ProfileFinder represents the largest semi-normalized public-facing professional profile dataset available.

There is no better way to view the supply-side of the labor market. Whether you are looking for warehouse managers or yoga instructors, ProfileFinder has what you need:

Yoga Instructors               79.8k profiles
Warehouse Manager     11.7k profiles

Highlights and New Features:

  • Significantly increased (3X) our refresh rate capacity.
  • Improved coverage for USA for Direct Dial Phone (DDI) and contact information (+15.57M business e-mails).
  • Improved processes for customer support to significantly improve response and resolution time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor fix applied to resolve an encoding issue affecting the external ProfileUrl for a limited number of records.

Upcoming Features and Improvements:

  • Revamp of the ingestion and processing pipeline that will improve coverage and apply superior cleaning logic and improved matching algorithms.
  • Job Title Translation and Normalization
    • Significant increase in query returns when using English language job titles across 42 languages
    • Normalizes job titles more accurately than a straight translation
  • Skill Extraction and Normalization
  • Job Function Standardization (ROC – Level 1)
  • Job Level (Seniority) Standardization
  • Addition of Education/University SocialURL

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