Unlock More Qualified Leads with AI-Driven Job Title Translation and Normalization

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ChatGPT can certainly translate your direct marketing copy into multiple languages. But that’s just the beginning step for a high-performing multinational campaign. Who should you reach? Identifying more leads for your international technology products is actually a matter of uncovering thousands of qualified contacts hiding in plain sight!

Identifying Key Roles in Different Languages

Using Human Resources and Talent leadership as an example, a traditional job title search in English won’t be sufficient to find global buyers for HR Technology applications and related services. For example, Rhetorik identified 12,000 different job titles that are all the equivalent of Chief Human Resources Officer, or CHRO. How many would you include in a job title search? 5? 10, Perhaps? So how many are you missing? Rhetorik has 63K professional profiles corresponding to that job title!

The solution: AI-driven job title translation, normalization and standardization that automatically identifies key roles in any function, in multiple languages across countries, providing 5x to 9x more potential decision makers and buying committee members than you’ll find using job title search yourself.

(Note: check out our blog here to learn more about why normalization and standardization is the key to unlocking ROI and increasing your addressable market)

A table on normalized job titles.

The Benefits of Using AI-Driven Job Classification and Translation

Selling internationally isn’t just a raw numbers game. It takes sophisticated data sourcing tools and algorithms to navigate across geographies and languages to find relevant leads in all your target territories.

AI-driven job classification and automated translation models can expand the number of potential leads across dozens of languages to find the right audience for your message.

So how can Rhetorik help?

  • Rhetorik is the global expert at B2B data sourcing and normalization, including job title and job role classification to expand the number and precision of targeted leads for enterprise sales and other use cases.
  • Our proprietary job normalization algorithm includes an AI-driven job title translation model. This model can detect, classify and organize job roles and occupations globally across 47 languages and more than 164 countries. This makes it easier for our users to identify the right lead based on a consistent view of the skill set and relevance of their role to the product or service our customers are trying to sell.
  • We automatically translate job titles from 47 key languages worldwide – with a higher accuracy score for language identification than even Amazon’s language translation tool.
  • This increases both the NUMBER of decision makers in your potential audience AND the RELEVANCY of those titles.
  • We also detect seniority to accurately identify purchase decision makers and users.

Want to see how Rhetorik’s AI-driven lead sourcing can help you? Click here to get in touch.

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Meredith Amdur, CEO Rhetorik

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