LeadNeuron Solution: Use AI to micro-target your B2B audience with skills-based targeting

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    Purchasing is about People, not Companies.  

    Companies don’t really buy things. People do. And people buy from those they trust and connect with.

    Rhetorik’s LeadNeuron solution is about people data. The skills they have, their education, certifications, key roles, responsibilities, technologies they use, the organizational functions they manage, the budget and influence level they have, their industry and their geography.

    Because people are the DNA of any company. And a company’s DNA is largely the composite of its people and their skills.

    So why – instead of pointing the spotlight on the actual human buyers – is so much of ABM focused on companies and account profiling that merely “appear” to match your product’s capabilities?

    The basic reason for taking this dangerous shortcut is that traditional ABM targeting is readily available, and it helps narrow the field. We’re all trained to focus on top down firmographic-based sizing of ideal target accounts – industry, revenue, growth rate, and all the standard attributes.  

    Best practice has evolved over the years. The next step in sophistication came not that many years ago with behavioral intent, including corporate IP address tracking or browsing or reading indicators.  Though triggers were collected from individual behaviors, the results were typically devoid of individual attribution. Despite the limitations, these tools still belong in your toolkit. But what looks great as an account that “appears to fit” your product’s target is only as good as your ability to find the best specific individuals to engage at that company.

    Rhetorik puts people analytics at the center of our unique approach to lead generation. We’ve applied our own team’s years’ of experience in talent analytics and recruiting to the use case of global B2B marketing, where Rhetorik has been an industry leader since the 1990s.  We use proprietary AI tools to analyze hundreds of millions of people linked to millions of account profiles. Our method matches your product proposition to specific individuals most likely to engage with and influence what you’re selling. 

    The result: Our LeadNeuron Skills AI tool goes beyond a simple cluster of job titles to unearth a better fit and higher volume of prospective buyer contacts uniquely suited to your proposition. That’s the breakthrough realization that you can exploit: 

    Skills transcend both a job description and a job title, which can be at best a good guess and at worse, misleading and a bad fit. Not every cyber security buyer has “cyber” or “security” in their job title. Not all HR directors are responsible for compensation solutions.

    Why Skills?

    Compared to ABM and Behavioral intent signals, Skills-based targeting powered by LeadNeuron provides higher targeting capabilities and personalization at a lower cost. It also provides higher scalability while meeting all privacy considerations. And it’s impressively scalable. 

    The picture below helps you to understand how LeadNeuron Skills-based targeting powered by Rhetorik helps you to gain clarity on your target audience. LeadNeuron finds more and more precise B2B leads.

    Find higher propensity leads

    LeadNeuron AI skills-based targeting identifies a person receptive to your message, who understands what you’re selling, appreciates its benefits and has the experience and seniority to influence purchase decision making.

    Rhetorik’s Skills-based targeting compounds the power of account intent (technographics, firmographics, behavioral indicators) while also uncovering new prospect names you’re not likely to have come across.

    Ordinarily, that “compliance manager” job title alone doesn’t score high enough as a MQL prospect in this vertical. But LeadNeuron knows the full constellation of attributes – at the account and people level – that should propel that undiscovered prospect to the top of the list.

    The number of qualified leads grows with improved targeting

    Graph 1 compares usual Job titles and Contact intent providers. As you can see, most B2B contacts data providers focus on reaching only a subset of the total market opportunity by focusing efforts on job titles and intent signals without a deep understanding of a prospect’s professional profile (red area). 

    Rhetorik’s LeadNeuron Skills based targeting (green area) unlocks a bigger market with better leads by scoring 4 dimensions of a lead’s propensity to engage over is vast database of 800M+ professional profiles:

    Graph 1: LeadNeuron Skills based targeting versus usual job titles and behavioral/contact intent signals providers.

    Rhetorik’s solution speeds your team’s productivity

    Click here to book a demo and learn how LeadNeuron powered by Rhetorik, the AI-based skills targeting solution, is disrupting traditional marketing techniques like account-based marketing and behavioral intent signals, or click the link below!

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