Data Research Specialist

The Data Research Team supports the expansion and overall quality control of the NetFinder™ database and all related Rhetorik products and services. The NetFinder database delivers company, contact and technology intelligence to technology vendors and service providers to improve their sales and marketing efforts and grow their businesses.

Aptitude for the role

  • Inquisitive and outgoing personality
  • On-going focus on learning and evolution of the industry
  • Interested in direct marketing and telemarketing
  • Analytical thinking and attention to detail
  • Relevant PC literacy and knowledge of social media and other online tools
  • Proficient knowledge of a second European language, especially French or German, would be very welcome.

Core Missions, Assignments and Projects: Researchers are involved in continuous as well as on-demand research projects, including:

  • Web-based data gathering and primary research (including Social Media)
  • Phone-based primary research
  • Primary research and validation of technology presence within organisations
  • Primary research and validation of technology decision makers, influencers and users
  • Quality control of database and modelling assumptions via sampled verification
  • Specific data curation and validation assignments
  • Compliance maintenance actions for GDPR and other legislation that apply to the industry


  • Actively participate to continuous and on-demand research missions.
  • Flexibility to work schedule and achievements
  • Maintain high quality & accuracy in all research activities.
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to management on challenges and success of each mission.
  • Share relevant knowledge with colleague and team members.
  • Ensure transparency and professionalism in dealing with Data Privacy Compliance.

Core skills and knowledge

  • Computer Literacy: ability to work with various software applications, including Excel, Word, Email as well as web research and general social media tool knowledge.
  • Communication Skills: ability to communicate suitably, on the phone and online, with research targets and stakeholders, and handle objections, rejections and other queries (e.g. GDPR and Privacy requirements) to meet research objectives.
  • Critical Decision Making: a key skill during phone conversations, or other research activities, that will support the Researcher in meeting research objectives where a scripted Questionnaire is not suitable.
  • Report Writing: ability to be able to provide detailed information to support SWOT analysis and feedback of each Research Mission.
  • Resilience: aptitude to work on project-specific missions, with diverse and specific demands, which could require bursts of activity to support delivery of results and outcomes.

Apply by sending CV and Cover Letter to [email protected] or call 0118 989 8580 to obtain further information.

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