DEI Benchmarking API

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DEI benchmarking API

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What is DEI Benchmarking?

DEI benchmarking is the process of comparing an organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics against industry standards and best practices. It provides valuable insights into areas of strength and areas for improvement, enabling companies to set actionable goals and track progress over time.

See Workforce Diversity Benchmark Data in Action

Rhetorik’s proprietary data-driven DEI benchmark modeling replicates government sources, but goes far beyond in providing an ultra-granular view of workforce diversity data. 

Why are Companies Prioritizing DEI Benchmarking?

  • Benchmark current DEI status: Identify how an organization’s current workforce diversity compares to the market, its industry, and its competitors/peers. 
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement: Pinpoint areas where an organization can enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 
  • Measure Progress: Track key DEI metrics over time to gauge the effectiveness of initiatives and interventions. 
  • Enhance Recruitment and Retention: Attract top talent and improve employee retention by demonstrating a commitment to DEI. 
  • Mitigate Bias: Identify and address bias in hiring, promotion, and performance evaluation processes. 
  • Drive Innovation: Cultivate a more diverse and inclusive workforce, leading to enhanced creativity and innovation. 

What Questions can be Answered with DEI Benchmarking?

  • How does our organization’s diversity compare to industry standards? 
  • Are there disparities in representation across different demographic groups within our workforce? 
  • What areas of our DEI strategy are most effective, and where do we need to allocate additional resources? 
  • Are there any patterns of bias or discrimination that need to be addressed? 
  • How can we create a more inclusive workplace culture that fosters belonging for all employees? 

Demographic Data Included in Benchmarks

Our benchmarking API includes a comprehensive range of DEI metrics demographic data, such as:

  • Gender 
  • Race/Ethnicity 
  • Age
  • And more.

Make the Most of Rhetorik's DEI Benchmarking Data

Benchmark the diversity of a specific market, industry, and occupation.

Find diverse talent by region and occupation by heat mapping demographics.

Compare locations and the diversity across their respective occupation-specific talent pools.

Unlock Your DEI Benchmarking Potential

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