International market, account and contact intelligence.

Analyse, prioritise, segment and engage your next best customers – to fill your marketing funnel, deliver more leads and grow your business.

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NetFinder for data.

NetFinder provides account and contact intelligence (firmographics, technographics and enterprise technology decision-maker contacts)


coverage across UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America


unique database: tracking 10k+ enterprise technology products and solutions, across 150+ categories.

Use NetFinder’s easy search functionality to find the companies that match your ideal customer profiles, understand their previous purchasing decisions and support your account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives.

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NetFinder for Insights.

Access in-depth business and technology deployment data on businesses and public sector organisations at over 50,000+ locations across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Analyse and understand your market using NetFinder’s technology intelligence to:


Identify opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.


Refine your ideam l customer profile and generate more leads


Prioritize prospects to target, qualify, and close opportunities faster


Major hardware & software categories



The Rhetorik Technology Classification (RTC) organizes and tracks technographic data across 150+ major hardware and software product categories from more than 6,000 vendors, allowing easy search and filtering on buyers’ technology assets.

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NetFinder in action.

Accelerate the sales cycle – engage decision-makers with actionable, data-driven intelligence and sell faster.

Identify your next best customer

Identify your next best customer and use NetFinder to help you engage the right people with timely and relevant conversations, at multiple levels within an organisation.

Identify best buyer targets for your hardware, software and telecommunications technology products.

Connect to 200,000+ international technology decision makers, influencers and users.

Manage local, national and international campaigns with consistent, quality data.

Data Privacy by Design.

Be confident in your B2B marketing campaigns Rhetorik complies with all relevant national and international data privacy and security regulations, ensuring that the data we provide meets those standards. For more than twenty years we have applied the strictest information management policies to keep data assets secure and compliant.

Data Privacy

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