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Choose from 80+ fields attributes to find your targeted segment of person profiles.  

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Built by developpers for easy of use and scalability

Built for easy to use and scalability

Rhetorik’s unique AI-driven job titles translation, standardizations, and normalization ensures our customers get real, global coverage with maximum quality and scalability.

Developper friendly

Harnessing the efficiency of NoSQL, our platform delivers swift results and is adept at seamlessly managing Elasticsearch or SQL requests. With our suite of APIs, you can construct queries effortlessly, enabling you to build your platform with efficiency and simplicity. 

Cost-effective top quality data

Pay solely for each matched record and leverage the highly actionable data in your project or platform. With Rhetorik, you get cost-effective, high quality data, with human validations and research, as well as still-in-business/still-in-position tests, powered by our AI data cleaning tool.

Hundreds of data for better analytics

Mine 800M+ professional profiles with:

Solution for any industry or use case

Sales and marketing

Quickly enrich existing leads with additional information such as job titles, company details, and social profiles, enabling a more detailed and comprehensive lead profile. Gain insights into the professional background of leads, allowing for more targeted and personalized outreach strategies.

HR tech

Enrich candidate profiles with additional professional details, skills, and social profiles, providing a more comprehensive view for recruiters. Accelerate the recruitment process by quickly sourcing and evaluating candidate profiles, reducing time-to-hire.

AI and LLM model training

Improve the quality of training data for AI models by enriching datasets with additional information about individuals, contributing to more accurate and robust machine learning models.

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