for Marketing Leaders

Get a clear view of your international markets, customers and competition.

Know your market.

Analyze and identify the markets with the most potential and with the least competition. Get a true picture of your Total Addressable Market and detailed definition of your Ideal Customer Profile.

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Target your market.

Use NetPlanner’s powerful search functionality, and the most detailed tech stack data available, to focus on the accounts with the greatest potential for your company – from SMB’s to the largest enterprises. Avoid wasting effort on accounts with incompatible technology stacks or without relevant job titles in place.

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Target your competition.

Analyze the markets where your competitors are strong, and where they are not. Gain the insights you need to impact your competitor strategy – whether you are looking to avoid, displace or beat them head on.

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Build a bigger, better pipeline.

Experience the power of Context Marketing. Leverage Rhetorik’s best-in-class international data to target better prospects, expand into new markets, fill your marketing funnel, and capture the attention of your next best customers.

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