Rhetorik accepted as full DMA member after audit of GDPR policies and procedures

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For more than 20 years, Rhetorik has been leading the way in data protection and privacy compliance, and GDPR has provided Rhetorik with an opportunity to showcase this, as it has raised the profile of marketing data compliance around the world.

Indeed, according to SendGrid, May 24 saw the highest email volumes this year, and the second-highest ever.

“Much of that volume was from companies sending their GDPR privacy notifications”
Carly Brantz, VP of Revenue Marketing, SendGrid.

Despite, or maybe because, all these emails, plenty of people believe that GDPR means you can only engage in outbound marketing if you have the explicit consent of the individuals. While this may be true for consumers, it is not true for B2B marketers, where Legitimate Interest may be used as a legal basis for processing personal data.

Rhetorik knows this because, following an extremely thorough and rigorous analysis, our data protection and privacy policies and procedures have been assessed by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Rhetorik were awarded full DMA member status, something that is only available to companies that follow The DMA Code.

Rhetorik submitted to this detailed audit of its data acquisition, management and usage processes in order to send a clear message to our clients, and the market more broadly, that GDPR is not the end of B2B marketing and the outlook is bright.

“B2B direct marketing is alive and well, is explicitly envisaged in the GDPR legislation, and Rhetorik can help”
Kevin Savage, Chief Revenue Officer, Rhetorik

How can this help you?

Firstly, GDPR requires B2B marketers to be more mindful and selective about the personal data they keep and use. This selectivity enables them to be more targeted in their messaging, to cut through the noise and engage prospects more effectively.

Secondly, as the clouds begin to part on GDPR, and B2B marketers realise its impact may be less significant than first feared, Rhetorik’s ongoing compliance expertise and support can help our technology clients maximise their marketing planning and investment.

If you’d like to learn more about B2B marketing and GDPR, the Rhetorik website has various resources, including webinars, white papers and FAQs to guide clients through the GDPR and other relevant legislation.

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