Rhetorik announces launch of DEI Benchmarking API – Empowers businesses to achieve their diversity goals and drive meaningful change

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Kevin Savage

Wokingham, UK & Quebec City, Canada, April 16, 2024

Rhetorik Ltd., a leading global B2B intelligence provider, announced today the release of their new DEI benchmarking API. This new API will provide Rhetorik’s US customers with the ability to benchmark their own organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) data against industry standards. 

DEI Benchmark chart
DEI Benchmark chart

Rhetorik’s proprietary data-driven DEI benchmark modeling goes far beyond government sources to provide an ultra-granular view of workforce diversity data. With numerous state-level and federal-level DEI employment policies in effect, this granularity will enable businesses and leaders to drive meaningful change in the workforce. 

Current research shows that fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion is a strategic advantage for organizations. To ensure that DEI efforts are effective and aligned with organizational goals, it’s essential to measure and track progress not only by using robust internal metrics in a clear DEI report, but also by benchmarking against one’s peers – other companies in the same location, other companies of a comparable size, other companies in the same industry sector, etc. 

Pulling data from multiple sources, Rhetorik’s DEI benchmarking data delivers the most granular insights available in the marketplace today and is served to users through an easily ingestible API. 

Rhetorik CEO, Meredith Amdur commented that “without tangible benchmarks, organizations find it challenging to gauge the effectiveness of their DEI efforts or understand their standing in the industry. In a market that thrives on competition, comparing oneself to industry leaders and competitors is not just beneficial—it’s essential for growth and relevance.” 

Denis Poulin, Rhetorik Chief Data and Analytics Officer, added that “DEI benchmarking not only provides a clear picture of where a company stands in terms of global diversity but also sets the stage for meaningful improvements. Through gap analysis and pinpointing areas for improvement, companies can align their DEI efforts with their overall objectives, ensuring that every step taken contributes to the grander vision.” 


About Rhetorik 

Rhetorik Ltd. is a global data services company – dedicated to enabling businesses to identify new audiences, build cutting-edge applications, and drive new business on an international scale. With a focus on data quality, compliance, and innovation, Rhetorik empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and drive impactful results. 

Contact: Jim Longo, Head of Product
Rhetorik Ltd.
[email protected]

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