Data Operations: increased international leads from web form submissions

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The Customer: Data operations team of a medium-size communications company operating globally from a US base.

The Problem:  Hundreds of thousands of web forms returned by prospects had gaping holes in them, with many fields unfilled or useless.  Prospects wanting to download a white paper would fill in inaccurate information or in some cases leave fields blank, such as omitting job title, company name or country. Many thousands of leads were of insufficient quality to warrant follow-up.

The customer’s first approach was to engage a US-based data services company to fill in the gaps.  That approach worked reasonably well for North American prospects. However, half the file originated from the rest of world, and the results outside the US were spotty and inaccurate. 

The Solution: When it became clear that its solution for North America was inadequate elsewhere in the world, the company turned to Rhetorik’s DataCliniq to solve the problem. DataCliniq took in the customer webforms from more than 100 countries, including the United States.  Ingested data fields could include first name, last name, job title, company, country and email. More than half the information was incorrect or missing. DataCliniq cleansed the records and enriched them with validated information: First Name, Last Name, Current Job Title, Contact Business Email, Contact LinkedIn URL, Company, Company Domain, Company Domain Validated Active, Company LinkedIn Profile URL, Address (normalized), Country, Phone (normalized). 

The result was tens of thousands of web forms reactivated – leads from all over the world transformed from “junk” to market-ready.

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