B2B Data Hub “Neuron360” Launches, Empowering Data-driven Initiatives with Advanced AI Tools and Global Data Coverage

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Kevin Savage

Wokingham, UK and Quebec City, Canada – 14 June 2023

Rhetorik Ltd., a leading global B2B data excellence services company, has unveiled Neuron360, an innovative AI-enhanced data platform designed to extend and enrich clients’ data-driven solutions, marketing strategies, and talent initiatives.

Neuron360 elements
Neuron360 elements

With its advanced AI tools, Neuron360 unifies and integrates 200 million company profiles, 800 million professional people profiles, and 60 million verified and compliant contact records, plus international technographic coverage at both the enterprise and worksite level. The solution provides marketers, recruiters, data analytics practitioners, and product developers with unparalleled data capabilities all from a single source.

Neuron360 stands out with its advanced AI capabilities, offering such features as language translation, industry-leading normalization, and innovative contact-level lead targeting. Powered by Rhetorik’s proprietary skills, occupational classification and seniority detection models, the platform enables users to leverage comprehensive data insights for enhanced targeting and decision-making.

“With Neuron360, we have combined the power of advanced AI tools with extensive data coverage, empowering our clients to harness the full potential of their data initiatives and fuel their marketing, sales, and talent initiatives with confidence,” said Rhetorik CEO Meredith Amdur. “Neuron360 brings all the global B2B data needs together in one place with precision, quality, freshness and breadth,” continued Amdur. “Our exacting data buyers can choose from a comprehensive suite of data  APIs, firehose feeds, online portals, and batch delivery.

To learn more about Neuron360 and how it can power your data projects and initiatives, click here or contact Luc Beaudet for further information.

About Rhetorik Ltd.

Rhetorik Ltd. is a global B2B data excellence services company, dedicated to delivering exceptional data solutions to clients worldwide. With a focus on data quality, compliance, and innovation, Rhetorik empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and drive impactful results.

Contact: Luc Beaudet
Rhetorik Ltd.
[email protected]

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