Rhetorik Occupational Classification (ROC) Overview Datasheet

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Rhetorik Occupational Classification: AI-powered taxonomy

  • The ROC is an AI-powered job classification taxonomy developed by Rhetorik. It translates
    normalizes and classifies Rhetorik’s database of professional profiles and
    contacts profiles that comprise 300M raw job titles and 1.3 billion experiences.
  • ROC enables us to normalize and classify job titles automatically from 46
    different languages across 164 countries.
  • Powered by AI, the self-improving model processes job titles according to a
    state-of-the art comprehensive taxonomy, providing an understandable system
    for easier job function and trending analysis.

Download the ROC Datasheet

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Former VP of Sales & Marketing at Yankee Group with research expertise for the technology sector Previously: Successfully growing new data and analytics markets for CEB/Gartner as well as Communispace, Jupiter Research, Forrester Research.

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