Neuron360 B2B Market Segmentation for Tech Companies

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As more technological companies compete in the B2B industry, streamlining market segmentation has never been more important. There is a need for accuracy with updated and standardized information to create valid market segmentation analyses.

See how Rhetorik’s Neuron360 help tech companies perform better, faster and easier B2B market segmentation.

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    What is B2B Segmentation?

    B2B market segmentation is grouping your target marketing into unique audience segments based on their common characteristics.

    Business owners and marketers understand their target market better through segmentation and make informed approaches. By making informed approaches, there is a higher chance of qualifying leads, nurturing them through their sales journey, and closing sales.

    Is B2B Segmentation Important?

    B2B Segmentation, while carrying risks of assumptions, is still effective in personalizing marketing strategies. It also increases lead targeting efficiency. Here are some of the advantages elaborated on B2B segmentation marketing.

    Raises Sales and Reduces Marketing Costs
    B2B segmentation gives insight into leads with pain paints that your product or service can resolve. It also reduces marketing costs by avoiding “tire kickers” or interested people who cannot afford your product or service. Instead, it lets you focus on leads with the most potential to buy.

    Improves the Personalization of B2B Marketing Messages
    Persuasion is different from the ability to make the person understand. It is the ability to make the person feel understood. B2B segmentation gives targeted marketing by understanding their behavior and needs.

    Prioritizes Resources on the Most Profitable Leads
    Segmenting the market reveals the “big fish” in your market. They are the ones that will give you the highest profit worth your time, workforce, and costs. These leads can be big businesses that can afford your service. They can also be businesses that are expanding.

    Identify Growth and Business Opportunities
    B2B segmentation helps identify new markets. For example, an invoice maker software business may discover that digital marketing companies use their product as an invoice record-keeping tool. They can then take action to increase their sales by targeting similar companies.

    What is the Difference between B2B Market Segmentation and B2C Market Segmentation?

    B2B segmentation is more complicated than B2C. It involves more decision-makers, thus making the buyer’s journey longer.

    B2B products are also more complicated and require more time for leads to understand how they can benefit from them.

    While buying is more rational in B2B segmentation, it also requires a foundation of trust based on personal relationships. B2B leads are business owners looking for business partners they can rely on.

    Rhetorik Skills-Based Intent graphic.

    Types of B2B Market Segmentation

    There are various types of approaches to B2B Segmentation. Using more than one type of B2B segmentation is advised to get better insights into your market segments. Here are the five kinds of B2B segmentation.

    Each approach has its own advantages and limits. This is where Neuron360 comes in to give you more accurate data for more effective segmentation.

    What is Rhetorik’s Neuron360

    Neuron360 helps you simplify each type of segmentation. It is a powerful B2B market segmentation tool with access to a secure database on:

    All data it contains is compliant by design and updates nearly real-time. It lessens the assumptions made during segmentation analysis. It is standardized and translated into 46 languages from 164 countries to extend your global reach.

    How Neuron360’s Technographic Profiles Help You with Behavior-based Segmentation

    Behavior-based B2B segmentation is helpful for businesses whose goal is to increase customer loyalty or repeat purchasing.

    Whether you have a SaaS (software as a service), web apps, or other tech products or services, Neuron360 allows you to find out who uses them. Neuron360 contains the technographic profiles of companies internationally. It reveals the tech stack of your leads so that you can determine their interest in your tech offer. You can filter:

    Through Neuron360’s technographics, we can identify your customer base. We can then use this information as part of your ideal customer profile and buying personas alongside firmographics.

    You can also use customer behavior analysis to outshine the competition.

    Neuron360’s technographic profiles allow you to see each company’s products and services that they use besides yours. It also lets you discover the vendors that they partner with, enabling you to leverage their data as follows:

    How Neuron360 Helps You with Firmographics Segmentation

    Firmographics is the B2B version of B2C demographics. You can reveal the common characteristics of your past leads and customers through firmographics by location, company size, and more.

    Neuron360 contains detailed firmographics of over 200 million companies globally. It includes industry sectors, locations, number of employees, and yearly revenues for precise targeting.

    You can use Neuron360 to find what companies you can target by industry sector or geographic location (with company contact information included). However, more than firmographics is needed. Use the other methods described below to analyze your market segments in-depth.

    How Neuron360’s Firmographic Profiles Improve Profitability Tiering

    Profitability Tiering is the classification of your leads by their potential value. It allows you to prioritize the most profitable leads at the exact cost of time and effort.

    Through Neuron360’s firmographic profiles, we can determine their lifetime value by how big their company is by revenue and number of employees. We can target the most profitable leads by the size of the industries that they are in.

    How Neuron360 Helps You with Customer Sophistication

    Customer sophistication segments B2B leads instead of B2B companies. B2B leads that have a background in a particular field of technology can be nurtured faster than B2B leads that will take time to understand the value of your product or service.

    With Neuron360’s 60 million plus B2B lead profiles, you can access tech uses, influences, and decision-makers internationally. You can review their job title and function to see if they’re the right fit. Personalization of marketing messages is easier by knowing the industry that they’re in. You can even reach them through their email address and primary phone number.

    How Neuron360 Helps You with Customer Needs Segmentation

    B2B segmentation by customer needs allows you to identify pain points and buyers’ motivations. If firmographics is quantitative data, segmentation by customer needs is qualitative data. Use Neuron360 company profiles to find out their contact information to interview them (with incentives).

    Neuron360: Reach New Clients at a Global Scale

    Neuron360 is the global solution for client acquisition. It contains compliant by design global data (standardized and translated just for you) that updates in real time for market segmentation accuracy.

    Using a combination of different B2B market segmentation, you can obtain specific insights and prioritize your segments. Through accurate data, you have a better head start in testing client outreach and revising them for improvements. Ready to see it for yourself? Schedule a personalized demo today!

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