Rhetorik Launches LeadNeuron™ beta – Innovative, AI-driven skills-based B2B lead targeting tool

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Global B2B data excellence company unveils unique tool that identifies hard to find enterprise tech buyers scored on signals derived from their skills profile

Quebec City, CA & Wokingham, UK, Nov. 7, 2023

LeadNeuron - skills-based targeting
LeadNeuron – skills-based targeting

Rhetorik Ltd., a leading global B2B data excellence services company, has unveiled LeadNeuron, its unique skills-based targeting solution that identifies hard to find enterprise technology buying individuals and groups scored on their likelihood to engage and propensity to buy.

Powered by global B2B data covering more than 800 million standardized professional people profiles, over 30,000 normalized skills and 200 million normalized job titles, this AI-driven solution surfaces hard to find leads by mining, scoring and interpreting  professional experiences and skill profiles.

The proprietary LeadNeuron model quantifies and automates persona-building by profiling the abilities, experiences and job roles of hundreds of millions of professionals to match specific products to highly targeted relevant buyers, users and influencers.

Skills-based targeting – a paradigm shift to People-Based Marketing.
Rhetorik CEO, Meredith Amdur commented that “generalized IT decision-maker titles and account-level intent signals may identify interesting accounts, but that is not enough because they don’t tell you anything specific about who to contact there. LeadNeuron finds more leads AND more relevant leads based on their experiences.”

“Skills-based targeting heralds a paradigm shift in thinking for B2B marketers seeking audience-intent signals”, added Amdur. “The LeadNeuron model identifies specific people – entirely new leads who are relevant to your offer and receptive to your message – uncovering individuals, prospects that other solutions can’t find, who lead you to entirely new accounts open to your product. We call this People-Based Marketing.”

Leveraging the powerful data available on the Neuron360 platform, LeadNeuron helps marketers locate the right individuals at the right companies to target with a technology product or service.

Denis Poulin, Rhetorik Chief Data Scientist, notes that “a client looking to market to network cloud security architects can now find 10x the number of high-propensity leads based on signals derived from their skills and experience profile. This compares with just the few thousand they typically would find using job title alone. Those prospects were also 50% more likely to respond to their marketing and sales outreach.” Poulin is clear that “the shift from an account-based to a people-based approach significantly improves both the efficiency and impact of outbound marketing.”

How we do it.
The model is based on the Rhetorik Skill Stack, an analysis of the combined skills and experiences of the individuals at millions of companies. The model computes the relevancy and intensity of 30,000+ hard and soft skill signals (job functions, technical skills, seniority, budget responsibility) and scores these signals across millions of live professional profiles to surface contacts with a high propensity to buy.

LeadNeuron also leverages Rhetorik’s extensive global database of 250m company profiles to better define accounts that match the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by industry, location, size and installed technologies.

LeadNeuron campaigns come with a subscription to Rhetorik’s global B2B lead database. The LeadNeuron model is available now for beta users and will be in general release from January, 2024.

Click here to learn more about LeadNeuron.

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About Rhetorik
Rhetorik Ltd. is a global B2B data excellence services company, dedicated to delivering exceptional data solutions to clients worldwide. With a focus on data quality, compliance, and innovation, Rhetorik empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and drive impactful results.

Contact: Luc Beaudet, Global Marketing Director

Rhetorik Ltd.

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