How to Have Accurate Data for Account-Based Marketing

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Effective account-based marketing implementation must be based on accurate and complete data.

Companies that base their account-based marketing strategies on old data are at risk of costly mistakes and missed opportunities. Companies need a great B2B database that extends their reach and gives them up-to-date information. With excellent data quality, their ABM efforts are enhanced for better targeting and personalization of content.

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    A Brief Overview of Account-Based Marketing

    Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a business marketing strategy that concentrates resources on high-value accounts that would bring the most value to the organization. It involves identifying B2B leads, personalized marketing, and monitoring targeted campaigns.

    The strategic significance of ABM is the following:

    In B2B marketing, data-driven insights are vital for accurate account-based marketing. To have valid data-driven insights, they must come from reliable B2B database sources.

    Neuron360 is an international B2B database that updates information in near real-time. Below, we explore how this database can help you create a foundation for accurate account-based marketing.

    3 Key Components of Account Targeting Data

    There are three critical components of account targeting data:

    1.) Firmographics,
    2.) Technographics, and
    3.) Professional profile data.

    Firmographics and technographics make up a complete company profile. Professional profile data is B2B lead profiles marketers must target and nurture trust with. Updated and accurate data from all three leads to successful ABM strategies.

    Neuron360 is an international B2B database that updates information in near real-time. Below, we explore how this database can help you create a foundation for accurate account-based marketing.

    Firmographic Data

    Firmographic data is the “demographics” of a company. It refers to company size, location, industry, and more.

    In account-based marketing, account-targeting marketers must choose companies based on sales goals in mind. How much revenue can they generate from one company as an account?

    Therefore, in coming up with the ideal companies to target, they must create a profile first by answering the following questions:

    Create an Ideal Client Profile
    Search Companies in Neuron360 By:
    What industry does your company generate the most revenue from?
    Industry Sectors
    What industry would your ideal company be in?
    SIC Codes
    What is the ideal company size you want to target?
    Number of Employees
    What is the revenue of the ideal company you want to target?
    Where would they be located?
    Countries, States, and Cities

    Neuron360 has more than 200 million company profiles from more than 150 data fields. All data are verified, GDPR-compliant, and updated nearly in real-time.

    Upon creating an ideal client profile, you can search for qualified companies. However, you will also need to determine their scalability if they would be a good investment in the long run:

    By answering these questions, you can segment accounts that help achieve your sales goals. Knowing their firmographics also helps in personalizing marketing strategies.

    Technographic Data

    Technographics is the tech stack used by a company. It comprises the platforms and software tools they use and the adoption rate of these technological solutions at scale.

    Technographic data shows who your competitors are and what technologies your ideal customer uses.

    Know Your Ideal Companies’ Tech Solutions
    Search Companies in Neuron360 By:
    Type of technologies they use
    Product or service they purchase or subscribe to
    Product or service they’re currently using
    Competitors selling to them

    Tech-savvy accounts require less education about why a product or service will help overcome operational challenges. By knowing the technographic data of each account, you can tailor messaging to align your product or services as part of their tech solutions.

    Professional Profile / B2B Leads

    Since B2B buying decisions involve more than one person, account-targeting marketers must get all internal stakeholders on board. Upon finding the companies you want to target, the next step is determining the decision-makers by job titles.

    By knowing “who’s who,” marketers have better chances of securing organizational ABM alignment. By contacting all vital decision-makers, marketers can create a consistent experience of targeted content and apply streamlined and efficient ABM strategies.

    In Neuron360, all professional profiles undergo a global job title translation, normalization, and standardization by an AI-powered model. You can search for B2B leads by the following:

    By knowing the state of the companies, their technologies, and their decision-makers, account-targeting marketers can personalize long-term messaging that consistently engages and delights. You can address the individual concerns of stakeholders by their job titles. With a strong foundation of information, you can make each account feel like your service or product is made just for them.

    Neuron360: A Strong Data Foundation for Effective ABM Strategies

    Neuron360 is a reliable data solution provider for companies worldwide. It is a trusted tool for account targeting, segmentation, lead generation, and more for its ethical data collection and accuracy.

    Are you ready to have accurate data for your ABM strategies? Schedule a personalized demonstration of Neuron360 today.

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