Marketing & Demand Generation: international growth from extended marketing reach


27 May 2020


The customer: A major provider of cloud infrastructure aiming to become a leading vendor in Europe and the Middle East.

The problem:  Guided primarily by firmographic segmentation, our client had engaged a large U.S.-based marketing database vendor to identify IT decision-making personnel. This approach had worked well in North America but fell short in EMEA due to inadequate coverage of the region by the U.S. vendor.

The solution: To make gains in market share, our client needed to make additional inroads with both enterprise and SMB accounts in nine key EMEA territories.

Rhetorik leveraged its NetFinder offering to fill the holes, identifying net-new prospect personnel with updated titles and privacy-compliant contact details.  The result was an expanded list of accurate, qualified and compliant contacts across EMEA.

This kind of data could be provided with full functionality through Rhetorik’s NetFinder online portal, or through off-line delivery.  

NetFinder: increased international reach to drive marketing funnel


5 May 2020


The customer: A mid-range UK supplier of IT security solutions that had been using Rhetorik’s NetFinder enterprise and contact database in the UK and Ireland.

The problem: Because of a heightened demand for endpoint security solutions when Covid-19 hit Europe, our client felt the timing right to increase email campaigns in select EMEA territories where it had limited brand awareness. But it didn’t have enough identified prospects.

The solution: Already a satisfied user of the NetFinder database in the UK, our client turned to Rhetorik to expand its proven approach geographically.  In selected new territories, Rhetorik identified high-potential vertical markets and accounts of the appropriate size.

In addition, NetFinder offered filtering on more than 1,000 unique on-premise or cloud security products ranging from firewall apps to endpoint security solutions. This filtering enabled the customer to target based on whether its solutions would likely displace or complement the existing stack.  The Go-To-Market involved testing the approach in four new territories, with a roll-out to other territories depending on the response.

Sales & Marketing Operations: Increase in customer satisfaction and retention from higher data quality



The customer:  A high-profile online B2B data service offering both account and contact information with a large database covering primarily North America and EMEA.

The problem: Millions of account records and tens of millions of contact records were available to end-users. However, the validity and accuracy of records were deteriorating faster than the company could refresh the file. The result was a declining reputation for quality.  End-users appreciated the supplier’s user-friendly delivery platform and customer service, but data quality was hurting the company’s renewal sales.

The solution: The company leveraged Rhetorik’s DataClinik offering to conduct extensive testing of the customer data quality, determining the average validity of each key data point. At the conclusion of the analysis, Rhetorik and the customer designed a DataClinik program to revalidate and enrich key records. For example, for account records, Rhetorik’s program generated the following output fields:

  • Company Name
  • Out of Business Flag
  • URL
  • Location Country
  • Location Address
  • Location Zip Code/Post Code
  • Phone
  • Phone Landline Flag
  • Industry
  • SIC
  • Employees
  • Revenue
  • Public/Private


For contact records, DataClinik generated:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Personal LinkedIn URL
  • Phone
  • Phone Landline Flag
  • Phone Mobile
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Contact Country
  • Contact County/State
  • Contact City
  • Company Address Line
  • Company Post Code/Zip Code
  • Company URL


Marketing Leaders: increased understanding of and revenues from end-user customers via channel partners



The customer: The global retention and upsell operation of a large multinational networking and communications equipment manufacturer. The brand is strong and well-established.

The problem: Rhetorik’s client sells largely through a sprawling network of distributors and resellers, often lacking any direct contact between the manufacturer and many of its end-users. Without direct contact with users and decision makers, our client found it difficult to adequately educate users and exploit add-on sales opportunities. Sometimes channel partners were doing a great job, and sometimes they weren’t. The resulting disconnects led to low engagement and disappointing customer churn – despite the manufacturer offering competitive products in the marketplace.

The solution: Rhetorik analyzed the client’s large database of known accounts, comparing it to the *NetFinder+ multinational database, which tracks technology decision makers and influencers in multiple countries around the world.  This analysis revealed three weaknesses: 1) Many of our client’s contact records were outdated with incorrect information such as title, email or phone,  2) the client was often trying to reach individuals who had left the company entirely, and 3) tens of thousands of accounts using the manufacturer’s products had never been captured in the client’s house database.

The proposed solution was threefold: 1) Update existing contacts with correct information, 2) identify relocated personnel and reference the new employer and role where applicable, 3) provide net-new accounts known to be users of the OEM’s products along with appropriate decision makers and key influencers.

*Using Rhetorik’s NetFinder online portal, customers can identify gaps with both contacts and accounts. Customers may filter leads for the presence of thousands of specific categories and brands of hardware, software, and services – whether on-premise or cloud-based.


Data Operations: increased international leads from web form submissions



The Customer: Data operations team of a medium-size communications company operating globally from a U.S. base.

The Problem:  Hundreds of thousands of web forms returned by prospects had gaping holes in them, with many fields unfilled or useless.  Prospects wanting to download a white paper would fill in inaccurate information or in some cases leave fields blank, such as omitting job title, company name or country. Many thousands of leads were of insufficient quality to warrant follow-up.

The customer’s first approach was to engage a U.S.-based data services company to fill in the gaps.  That approach worked reasonably well for North American prospects. However, half the file originated from the rest of world, and the results outside the U.S. were spotty and inaccurate. 

The Solution: When it became clear that its solution for North America was inadequate elsewhere in the world, the company turned to Rhetorik’s DataClinik to solve the problem. DataClinik took in the customer webforms from more than 100 countries, including the United States.  Ingested data fields could include first name, last name, job title, company, country and email. More than half the information was incorrect or missing. DataClinik cleansed the records and enriched them with validated information: First Name, Last Name, Current Job Title, Contact Business Email, Contact LinkedIn URL, Company, Company Domain, Company Domain Validated Active, Company LinkedIn Profile URL, Address (normalized), Country, Phone (normalized). 

The result was tens of thousands of leads, from all over the world, transformed from “junk” to market-ready.